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In a Skiathos style living room In a Skiathos style living room

For the fireplace or as traditionally called, the chimney in houses George Rigas A. Economou in D Vol of his work "Skiathos Folk Culture" states:

"The chimney are now more essential to any home. Chimney was in the wise and at the top floor. The chimney (the fireplace as it is called elsewhere, the outbreak) in the older years have the shape of half-cylinder, which reached almost to the roof.
Today has rectangular shape and is much lower. The two below flaps called "fougopodara", and the upper part of called "fougou"."

Particular samples of architecture are and fireplaces in the cells of monasteries and chapels when are burning warm and keep company to the faithful in the cold days resting to some cell or hosted at night during a "wakefulness".

D. Simiakaki

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