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Inside the City

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The location of the ancient city The location of the ancient city

The first pictures that someone sees arriving in the Town of Skiathos Island, which was built amphitheater, quickly charms visitors with its narrow, picturesque alleys, innumerable, traditional stone built houses with flower gardens and churches with steeples to dominate among the red roofs of houses (see Section Popular Culture - Architectural Elements).
Metropolitan Church of the Three Hierarchs built in 1864, in basilica type, retained among others the patron image of the island, Virgin Kounistra and the wooden iconostasis of the church of Panagia Preklas of Kastro, which saved the inscription
"For subscription trouble toil John Priest and children of that year ACHOST (1676)."

The sheltered port of the city graces the piney peninsula, ruins of Venetian fortress, built probably at the early of 13th century, known as Bourtzi, which brings us to another period.
Crossing the Old Port arrive at the steps that lead to the most picturesque location of the city, Plakes, where walking and enjoying the magnificent views is worth to visit the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary or Virgin Limnia because constructed in the 18th century from emigrates of the city Lake Evia, which brought with them the picture of Her and founded their own district / parish.
At the heart of the city is the house who lived Alexander Papadiamantis , which is now a museum. Mr. P. Lazaridis said:
"A working plan for the restoration and maintenance of his poor houses, which lived the great monk of Skiathos and which have been collected few items from his simple and monastic life."


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