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Outside the city

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In northern rock, the former fort, castle In northern rock, the former fort, castle

At the northern edge of the island, stretching into the sea, is the Kastro, the ruins which once stood as an imposing refuge for the inhabitants of the island. The bridge has been destroyed in front of the entrance, which closed with a wooden door thickness of  75mm. covered with iron strips restrained by iron ties. The space inside is occupied by the ruins of churches and houses, among which are saved the church of the Nativity of Christ, Agia Marina, Agios Nikolaos and a mosque without a minaret.
Just outside the town you will see some of the monasteries, which are the custodians of the long journey of the island, like many churches, scattered across the island.
In Agalianou region northeast the island, constructed in 1797 the Monastery of Annunciation of Virgin Mary well known as Vangelistria from the peoples of Skiathos and is the only active monastery today. Quadrangular complex with two and three storey cells, the standard pillar in a tower form which is the chapel Agios Dimitrios, library, museum of exceptional relics and in the middle the Catholic church, which has a dome with a high octagonal drum and two splints also with dome on the roof built with slates. Particularly interesting is the masonry of the Altar of Estia and the oven of the monastery that was revealed after recent restoration. Located some 45 minutes from the Monastery of Evaggelistra, at Kakorema is the Monastery of St. Charalambos, were also repaired and maintained.
West of the island, in a wooded area, according to the tradition has been found the protector picture of the island, now in the Monastery of Entry of the Virgin Mary (Eikonistria) or commonly Kounistra. Has cells in two and three storey buildings and the temple, which constructed in the late of 17th century with a cylindrical dome covered by slates. P. Lazaridis notes that "The church is full. Due to the coatings and thick smoke cannot see the frescos. During destruction of the temple area, revealed marble, Early Christian parts form a window with hight 1.25 and length 0.50 m."
In the north of the island in a spectacular location is the Monastery of Entry of Virgin Mary of Kehrias, which was founded in the 16th century, the temple was built in Athos style, namely three space cruciform dome, but no columns.
The remains of an ancient round tower with strong masonry, diameter of 9 meters next to the chapel of St. Anastasia northwest of the island, resulting in the name of the region Anastasa-Pirgi.
In the rock, high above the small beach next in Kastro, are the ruins of Byzantine cruciform with a cupola temple of Annunciation, buildings - cells and length enclosure. P. Lazaridis informs us: "From information, supports are saved in this place, a column, consisting of three pieces and the two pillars, the dividing of the three parts of sanctuary. Marked on piers after Ionic capitals ... "


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