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16 April 2013
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Domna SamiouA whole year passed since the death of the great lady of the Greek traditional song, Domna Samiou. A tribute will be held to her memory in order to honour and revere her personality and values. A solemn ceremony will take place on Thursday, April 18, at 20:30 at the High School Events Hall.

Her work and offer to the rescue and spread of our musical tradition is priceless. Dionysis Savvopoulos said characteristically about her and her contribution: "She is the profound Greece, beauty and freedom. She is the eternal spring that helps us get out of the impasse. Such people cannot be forgotten."

Her love for the musical tradition of our island directed her to Skiathos, as early as the end of 1960’s, to take the responsibility for the recording of the local traditional songs with a ten kilo old bobbin cassette recorder, which entailed many personal expenses and required inexhaustible enthusiasm. She endeavored to capture in sound and later successfully with the "Musical Travelogue" on ERT the last body of work of our undersigning traditional music.

In Skiathos she joined with locals and alleged from Asia Minor residents in Skiathos, who sung many beautiful songs both of the island and Asia Minor, which were used in many versions of her LPs, but also in concerts, both in Greece and abroad.

Organization and sponsorship Skiathorama NGOs (

6 March 2013
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no name alleyThe Women's Association of Skiathos, in order to honour the International Women's Day, presents the play "No name alley" by George Ad. Sanidas on Friday, March 8 at 19:30 at the events hall of Skiathos High School.

The Women's Association of Skiathos, each year since its establishment, plans and organizes events to honour the anniversary of the International Women's Day in order to commemorate the struggles, sacrifices, work and achievements of all women around the world.

18 January 2013
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Cultural Association "Skiathos" 

paranomh ylotomiaWe are protecting the forests of Skiathos from illegal logging. Actions of the Cultural Association "Skiathos" for the protection of forests, following last year's action.

Since 1977, the Presidential Decree 06.13.1977 (Official Gazette 248 D/I977), forests of Skiathos are classified as "Aesthetic Forests". According to LD 996/71 (Article 3, paragraph 2), aesthetic forests may be declared or forest landscapes have such great style, health and tourism importance as to require the protection of fauna and flora and their outstanding natural beauty. Aesthetic Forests have been established under the forest law and forest landscapes include a particular aesthetic and ecological interest, which have purposes other than the protection of nature, and to give the public the opportunity to experience and enjoy the natural environment with various activities recreation. As Aesthetic Forests designated 19 locations, with a total area of ​​325 sq. km. . According to the digitized boundaries, the total land area of Aesthetic Forests corresponds to 0.24% of the territory.

Regarding Aesthetic Forests Skiathos (woodland covered with Aleppo pine and evergreen broadleaf and wonderful forest Koukounarion), is a unique case in our country, since it is the only island which forests are classified as aesthetically with a total area of ​​30 sq. km., the second largest after the forest complex Ossa (169 sq. km.). The total area of Aesthetic Forests of the island is 30 square kilometers. informs us the following website, while the total area of the island is 48 square kilometers.

Protecting forests Skiathos from illegal logging:

  • When you see illegal interventions in the natural environment and illegal logging, inform the Forest Service. A phone at 6974305733 necessary.
  • Informed, participate and benefit from (provision of timber) from cleanings Hood Forest Service.
  • We buy all our firewood from legal loggers. 
  • We ask all necessary documents proving the origin of the timber and the quantity purchased. 

17 January 2013
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On Friday, January 18, will be repeated the photo exhibition with eight (8) Skiathan creators at the "SMALL ROOM OF ART & CULTURE". Photographs are presented by Konstantinos Goulas, Nikos K. Kantarakias, Nikos Karvounis, Celine Monnier-Deliyannis, Maria Nazou, Father Nicholas Stamatas, Christos-Romanos Tsomos and Nicholas Charchalakis. Most of them expressed their love for photography very early. Their themes are various, dealing with urban and industrial landscapes, street scenes, portraits and people, nature, modern and traditional landscapes, structures and material order.

Organizer and sponsor of the exhibition is the Independent Movement of Skiathos Citizens. The exhibition is curated with much love by Nikos Akrivos, artist, who, except for an excellent painter, is also known as a talented photographer.On this occasion and for the welfare of the New Year will be cut the New Year's pie (Vasilopita). It is an honour and a pleasure for us to meet again with all the SMALL ROOM OF ART AND CULTURE friends.

2 September 2012
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Exhibition of Skiathos Retired Naval Association On Sunday the 2nd of September at 8.00 pm will be the opening of an exhibition organized by Retired Seamen Association of Skiathos named "Pontoporeia",  the Skiathos shipping directions in time, at the Little Art and Culture Gallery (Papadiamantis 13), which will run to Sunday 26th of September..
The President of the Association, Captain and Retired Merchant Marine, Mr. John T. Parissis haw mentioned in the Expedition’s Press Release among others the following states:
"'And the line-line shore tied to rustle stopped the poor skiathos boats. Lambros Porfiras. Prayer to Papadiamantis soul.
It is worth to mention the names of the masters of shipbuilders and seafarers' families on the island. Virtually self-taught, practical, but endowed with the technical genius the shipbuilders of Skopelos Flounis, Giannoulis and Alexander handed the torch to Skiathians Stamatathes, Tzouvelekithes, Mytilileous etc. that built countless ships for the families Matarona, Trakosia, Kokkinou, Boura, Mafrogiali, Giakoumi, Damascou, Karpetis, Falcou, Politikari, Kaloithi, Kavouri etc.
But with the prevalence of steam, Skiathos  Marine shipping began to decline, since it adopted the new technology primarily for economic reasons.
Skiathos reappears dynamically in Shipping around 1920 with ship-owners Th. Epifaniathi, Koumbi, Fragista Giakoumi etc. At the same time, the occupation of the Skiathian with Marine shipping improved, Captains, engineers, radio operators and crews begin to travel with ships of their private countrymen and other Greek Ship-owners, and the island's economy begins to warm, especially after the Second World War but especially in the decades 1950-1980. The shipping remittances supports the reconstruction of the island, the bases for tourism development has purely navy color, since there is no family or house in Skiathos without navy or sailors. "

For more information about Shipbuilding in Skiathos please visit the relevant section on our website by clicking


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