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Establishing the Non Profit Organization Skiathorama, along with the creation of the website of drew up a flagship route based entirely on the voluntary initiative aimed at presenting a "full picture" of our island.
Of course, the task of creating the website was and is great, that’s why we asked and we accept all possible help and we must note that with much pleasure and interest all have offered.
With the opportunity we would like to thank in particular for their help:
•    Father George Stamata and father Joseph for the data and information about the celebrations and fairs to the churches and chapels of the island.
•    Mr Nikolao Akrivo on the design of the structure of the website as well as for the concession information and photos.
•    Mrs. Anna Deligianni for information on the fauna and flora of the island, as well as the daughter of Selini Monnie for the assignment of photos.
•    Mrs. Asimina Soultani for correction of the texts, as well as the targeted observations of the whole presentation and structure of the website.

Finally, all those who supported our effort by strengthening our economic or registering as members, or sponsorship, in order to complete as much as possible this project and have the possibility of sustainability and develop in the future.

Come with us and in this effort by choosing to be a Member or Distinguish friend!

The Board members
Despina Simiakaki, Aristea Christoglou, Theodore Tzoumas, Melani Monnier, Lambros Sanidas

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